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Dahlen Marine Service provides and economical removal service of below water level obstructions in lakes and other bodies of water. Dahlen Marine Service will set up its Busy Beaver ™, an obstruction removal machine, on-site to provide removal service anywhere in the United States or Canada to your specifications.

Busy Beaver ™ works in most weather, in as little as 18 inches of water. It is capable of cutting through tree stumps or other obstructions down to a cut depth of 10 feet below the water line.

The Busy Beaver ™ is an enviornmentally safe machine that does not require a Corps of Engineer's permit. The equipment does not disturb the silt. The removal part of the obstruction is so collected by Busy Beaver ™ to be disposed of as you specify.

Dahlen Marine Service, Inc,. with its Busy Beaver ™ can clear cut its way through congested waterways. It can remove low hanging limbs and other above or below water hazards to open up water ways for safe and easy access or cosmetic appearances.

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